2017 Jumpstart You

God made you a unique individual, you can appreciate how He created you, God made you special for a purpose, then, Psalms 119:73 here in verse 73 speaks that God formed us personally “thy hands have made me and fashioned me.” This New Year you can jumpstart you by loving yourself and recognizing that you are unique. There is no comparison, you are unique beyond comparison. It all starts with you. Before the creation of the world God chose you to be a valuable part of His creation, you were born to be you, don’t degrade and criticize yourself or allow others negative views to define you are. Develop positive self-talk can help you conquer the inner critic and raise your self-confidence. You need your self-esteem at its best. As often as needed boost your morale by jump starting your positive traits and fixing the negative traits. This will lead to a more confident self-assured demeanor. Understand this: You are amazing, Yes U! You are beautiful, Yes U! You are important, Yes U! You are loved, Yes U! You are smart, Yes U! And yes, You are Unique! You don’t have to be perfect, just be you. Love

© L. Jones-Yu’Niquely Created


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