For Such A Time As This


Esther 4:14  Mordecai asked Esther, yet who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this ?

In the story of Esther, God reveals through Esther how he used her to change the course of the nation. Esther was a Jewish girl who name was Hadassah, the Persian name given to her, Esther means “star.”  Esther was chosen by God and given remarkable favor. Esther went through a season of preparation physically and spiritually, she was set apart for a purpose. It is vital to our spiritual welfare that we understand why we were created. You and I were created to have a mission in life. We were made to make a difference. You are a daughter of the King, time to discover the splendour of your royal being. Beloved, each of us has been chosen by God and set apart for a unique purpose. Esther was set apart for God and His purposes, no one else could fulfill the mission she had been created to fulfill, and her unique purpose was to lead the children of Israel. Are you willing to carry out your God-given purpose?

I say to the Esther’s, this is your time, the crown is yours, get in your position build yourself up mentally and launch out into the deep places in Him. Esther allowed her beauty to take a backseat to what God needed her to do and brought beauty into the lives of others. Whatever God has assigned you or leading you to do, walk in it. Be who God called you to be, you have found favor in the sight of the King. God has qualified you to do great things for His Kingdom for such a time as this. Through divine intervention Esther was in the right place at the right time to carry out God’s divine plan. God wants to use you and bless you as He did Esther. Will you, like Esther, trust God?

L. Jones- Yu’Niquely Created


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