Time To Unlock Your Greatness

Hello Beloved, you are called and en route to greatness, and not to the usual. Greatness radiates out of you! You must acknowledge God has placed a seed of greatness within you. Tune out the voice of the enemy, he does not want you to hear God’s voice and pursue Him. The enemy tries to stop you from reaching your destined place. Don’t let the enemy whisper negative words in your mind, refuse to entertain the negative thinking. You are greater than any forces of negatively. God speaks best; His voice is powerful and supersedes every other voice that speaks to us. It is time to represent yourself and reposition yourself for greatness. Do not allow the difficulties, life or challenges to get in your way or hold you back from reaching your potential. Whatever may be your challenge, you are fully equipped with God on your side to triumph over every opposition. You have exceeding greatness that makes for greater purpose. Launch your life to the next dimension. Take action and unlock your greatness. You are called to Greatness.

© Copyright 2017

L. Jones – Yu’Niquely Creative

Joy and Peace


2 thoughts on “Time To Unlock Your Greatness

  1. Alberta Stoneham

    What a word, mighty woman of God! How powerful! Yes, the seed of greatness within us is the Omnipotent God Himself! He is not only Immanuel, God with us, but He is also God in us.
    With God, all things are possible.
    We Can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. Even when we are weak, He is strong within us.
    Yes, whatever the challenge or struggle, we are fully equipped & we triumph!
    In knowing who we are, in hearing who we are (faith comes by hearing…) & in being reminded of who we are, we go forth in greatness! God bless!


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