Fear Strikes Out

Strike one, Strike two, Strike three you’re out.  The law of the games states three strikes and you are out. When fear strikes, strike back even harder. You can knock fear out of the ball park.  Fear is a spiritual battle; the enemy speaks lies to our mind to cause us to be fearful. He will make us think that we are incapable and can’t accomplish what we are assigned to do. Don’t allow anyone to get you off course or discourage you to pursue. Fear will hold you back from operating in your purpose. Renounce all access to fear and declare in the name of Jesus what God says…. “I declare that God has not given me the spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind.”

Fear is the enemy strategy to paralyze and hinder us from moving forward. However, we must neutralize the negative echoes of every whisper in our ears to distract us from making a home run and listening for the voice of God.  Jesus teaches us in John 10:27 that His sheep know His voice. Moses heard God voice on the backside of the desert. God spoke to Mary through the angel Gabriel. God is your Coach. And when God is your coach you are out of the game of fear. Step out with your God-given authority into your purpose and make that home run on fear. You are on the Lord’s team and you are a winner.

L. Jones- Yu’Niquely Created


Survivor Is Your Name

Hello Beloved.

When you think of a survivor, you think of hope and surviving. Surviving comes from the word survive and the word survivor, survivor can be defined as one person or thing that survives hardship to live. Survive as stated in Webster is to outlive, to continue to function or prosper despite; withstand. Are you a survivor? Your survivor becomes your source of strength. When all hope is gone this is when you must fight, let your survival instinct kick in and decide to survive. If you can see yourself surviving then you can survive, can you see yourself? If not, plant the seed of survival in your mind and say I can survive.

With God on your side, you can’t lose you are in a win-win situation. You will survive. God knows the way that we should take, and when you have been tried you shall come forth as pure gold. Many of us have manage life’s challenges through hopelessness, frustration and unseen forces that have ambushed us, yet not allowed our challenges to confine us or hold us back. You are resilient, bounce back stronger and tougher from whatever life throws your way. Even in all these things we are more than conquerors. nothing shall separate us from the love of God. He will move you from shame to fame, insult to result, sorrow to glory, disgrace to His grace, labour to favour, mockery to victory, a test to a testimony, May the Lord raise you from faith to faith and glory to glory.

L. Jones – Yu’Niquely Created